[Rohto Forum 2022] Best Poster Award Winner Announcement!

Thank you to all attendees of Rohto Forum 2022 which was held on 22nd July 2022! We hope you all enjoyed the talks. In addition, we sincerely thank all poster presenters of the Rohto Forum Poster Session held on 21st July 2022 for their efforts, and all registered users of our online conference platform that viewed, interacted with presenters, and voted for their favourite poster.


After counting all votes, Rohto Advanced Research Hong Kong, the co-organiser of Rohto Forum, is delighted to announce the winner of the Best Poster Award of the 2022 Rohto Forum Poster Session:

Miss Liu Guopan!


Guopan’s poster was titled: “Mitochondrial ejection and TNF-α-Wnt signalling underlie the osmolarity-induced dedifferentiation of adipocytes” and is based on the research of her PhD study.


Colleagues from Rohto ARHK were able to visit Guopan, a PhD candidate at the Department of Biomedical Sciences, City University of Hong Kong, on 18 August 2022 to present her with the Best Poster Award and prize.


2022 Rohto Forum Best Poster Award Winner

 Miss Liu Guopan with her Best Poster Award certificate and prize. Image captured on 18/8/2022 at City University of Hong Kong by Rohto ARHK colleagues.


Congratulations again, Guopan! Thank you for your participation. We all at Rohto ARHK wish you all the best for your remaining PhD studies.


To all the attendees of Rohto Forum 2022, stay tuned and see you all again soon!